Remove index.php from the path in the snap install

Hi everyone,

I’m running the Nextcloud snap install on a nice little Xubuntu laptop.
It just updated itself to 22.1.1, and it’s purring like a kitten, all checks passed.

I’d like to remove the index.php from the path, but all the instructions I saw are either too complicated for me, or they’re for other systems, or I hit a “no permissions” kind of problem.

I suggest that the default should be “no index.php” - unless it serves an important purpose I don’t know about?

Thanks in advance!


On GitHub is a discussion about this ongoing since more than 3 years now… So I wouldn’t hold my breath that this feature will be integrated tomorrow… :wink:

However, there is also a relatively new pull request, which is also still open…

Maybe this will be integrated in the near future… Until then, it seems not possible without any dirty hacks or a reverse proxy in front of it, in whose configuration you would have to do some suboptimal tricks.

I think that is one of the disadvantages of snap installations.
For installation and configuration freedom use a standard installation.

Nextcloud on Debian with apache2
Nextcloud on Ubuntu with nginx

I think you can combine both installations eg. Ubuntu with apache2.

A year ago i opened an issue for changing it for all nextcloud installations. The issue was closed because of:

As I understand it, this is not doable based on the current architecture since we would then would drop the feature to install nextcloud in a subdirectory.


Which might be about time and might have been better never offered in the first place. Yes I understand that you should be able to install Nextloud on as many platforms as possible. But in the meantime this is no longer realistic anyways, at least if you want to use all the features that Nextcloud offers. From a security point of view, I wouldn’t install a product like Nextcloud on a shared hosting space anyways. In my opinion, your own dedicated cloud instance should run on its own dedicated server platform. But that’s just my two cents on the subject.

See this PR which would fix this for the snap but didn’t get any feedback from the maintainer since its creation:

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@kyrofa - any word on this?

I see it’s an old request - and in my opinion, hiding index.php will make Nextcloud look a lot more professional.