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I have recently updated my Samsung S7 to Android 7.0 and with it the Nextcloud app somehow also “updated”.

The recent 1.4.2 update added the Auto upload feature, which I dislike very much. I do not want my Videos and Photo files to be going to the same directory. I cannot now separate the upload of video to wifi only. I want the pics to be uploaded at all times, while video only on wifi. 1.4.2 broke that. Before android 7.0 came out, I downgraded the nextcloud to 1.4.1 and restored the ability to upload separately. However, now that the system updated I “gained” the auto upload, no matter what I do. I even tried to downgrade to 1.4.0, and still see that retched auto upload feature.

So, my question is, how do I re-enable the ability to select separate folders for video and photo, AND the ability to upload different files over cellular or wifi?

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I must admit I also miss that feature to separate photos from videos. I also had them uploaded in separate folders and also video via Wifi only. I do miss that feature greatly and would like it back.

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Moved to the android section that it will be notices by the developers (@Andy)

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As commented on Github, the feature itself will stay and instant upload as before is impossible to bring back since Android 7 prevents this. The discussion about how to separate images/video is taking place here:

There is no solution yet since we haven’t found a proper solution for it from a UI/UX point of view. So if anybody has a great idea how this could be handled nicely in the interface feel free to comment, since this is basically the only thing blocking it from getting implemented. all point of view it is easy to implement, but it has to be done in a nice and easy way from a users perspective, so we won’t implement an expert mode user interface just to support it (just as a side note).

I am more than happy to implement this, so are @tobiasKaminsky and @mario just need a working UI concept.

I am sorry. I did not realize that android 7.0 is preventing the separate folder upload. I suppose that as a general rule in life, if you really like something and it works, the creators will find a way to “improve it” thereby completely braking its usefulness. Makes sense :slight_smile:

Don’t be sorry :slight_smile: The separate folders for images/video is technically possible but the discussion “if and how” this could be reintroduces, so if you want to join the discussion and give this some user demand, then this is the issue you are looking for: where the discussion is ongoing if video/images of the camera folder should be separated.

I just had a separate issue and perhaps you can direct to the correct place to ask the question.

This morning, while leaving my wifi coverage area, I noticed that the upload continued over cellular. I double checked and I had the “upload via wifi only” checked. I turned off the wifi, the upload persisted. I then unchecked the upload completely in the app, the upload persisted. I had to manually disable the app for the upload to terminate.

When I restarted the app, the upload on each folder was disabled, yet the upload restarted over cellular.

I am using Samsung S7 with android 7.0. Nexctloud app is 1.4.2

So, how do I completely disable upload without having to resort to actually force stopping the app?


@mario @tobiasKaminsky can you maybe answer the auto upload related question of @levster?

Sorry, just saw this. So the file upload started via wifi, and continued over cellular?

Probably expected - it is possible, but “complicated” to prevent this. Worst come to worst, it should only upload the current file and not upload new ones.

Or have I misunderstood something?

Actually, in addition to finishing the current file, new one was started, and in fact new uploads were initiated over cellular without first going through WiFi despite specifying only WiFi.

OK the second part of this will be fixed in 1.5. For the first one - I have to think. Thanks for letting us know.