Remove Apps from Centos 08

I install some new apps and its was Fulltextsearch Bookmarks from the nextcloud store. I would like to know how I can remove the software using the terminal. I am using Centos 08. One of the apps that I downloaded, has caused an issue with opening nextcloud from form the web. I can ssh to the Centos 08 server but I can open my nextcloud web page. I get a blank page of my nextcloud instances. From what I getting so far is that I need to uninstall apps from the occ consul. What directory can I find occ and can some share with me the link to get there.

Thank you

First use the “occ app:disable ...” command to disable the appand then remove the app folder from the configured Nextcloud apps directory.

Hello. In Centos08 occ is not working. Can you please write me in detail

Fulltextsearch Bookmark was the application that cause the problem what would be the exact syntax ?

The adminstrator guide will tell you how the occ command can be used.

Due to the fact that I’m personally not using CentOS you should use the search function of the forum to find an answer on your question: