Remove a group in contact?

I am trying to remove a group from contacts address book.

The references in the forums from 2-4 years ago seems ot say that there is not way to remove a group in contacts.
There seemed to have had a ticket open for this.

Was this ever fixed?

I am not sure where to find my version of NC, so I can not let you know. I installed the latest version March 2021.

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See the following issue ticket for further details:

OK, there is an issue that is outstanding for a few years the way it sems, and can to be fixed(easily) with out other issues being fixed.

Is this a good summary?

We all want new features, but hopefully the old ones wll get some tender care eventually:)

If we can not delete them can they be changed?


Not at the moment.

I know thatโ€™s not what I am supposed to ask on a forum. But being a fan of Nextcloud I have to:
SERIOUSLY? I canโ€™t rename or delete a group? When will this be possible?

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โ€ฆ please set your vote at GitHub at above linked GitHub issue or even better help to implement it.

hello everybody, im a new nextcloud user,
is there realy now way to delete & rename contact-groups???
This is a very very important feature and needed to organize contacts correctly.
Could this be updated?
Thx, Patrick K

Please read comments above and see GitHub issue. Someone needs to spend time to implement it :man_technologist:. Maybe you?

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