Remote SFTP Storage as source for pictures


today i installed nextcloud first time. Currently i use synology nas and there all my images and files.
i config a sftp user and connect him with next cloud external storage.
I see this folder on files tree but how i can choose a folder from it as picture source folder?

on Photos config i can only choose parh for uploads:

any idea how i can solve it?

If you’re trying to get them to show up in the Photos app, I don’t believe anything is necessary. They should just show up. Or at least that’s what happens by default in my experience with local storage.

Does anyone happen to know if external storage (not primary object storage) is treated differently by Photos?

Currently I have not found a way to process my images from external storage.

Nextcloud is currently running on my laptop in fer WSL2 in a container.

I want to replace my Synology Nas ds414 because it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Therefore I want to use nextcloud.
The Synology Nas should remain available as data storage.

So nextcloud should be the new interface.
I have 2 TB pictures fer gsvzeb family

The question is how can I access these photos with nextcloud?

Aktuell habe ich keine Möglichkeit gefunden meine Bilder aus einem externen Externe Speicher zu verarbeiten.

Nextcloud läuft aktuell auf meinem Laptop in fer WSL2 in einem Container.

Mein Synology Nas ds414 soll abgelöst werden, weil es das Ende seines Lebenszyklus erreicht hat.

Deswegen möchte ich nextcloud verwenden.
Das Synology Nas soll als Datenspeicherung allerdings vorhanden Bleiben.

Nextcloud soll also das neue Interface werden.
Ich habe 2 TB Bilder fer gsvzeb Familie

Die Frage ist wie ich auf diese Fotos mit Nextcloud zugreifen kann?

Is there really no way to process the photos on an external storage?

They don’t show up when you go to /apps/photos/?

Are previews enabled on your external storage configuration?

Also try to issue a sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all