Reminder by email

Dear devs,

I’m using nextcloud calendar extensively. But normally for daily chores. This time I wanted to set a reminder to renew my phone contract 2 years ahead and give myself an email warning at that point. Since I had never used it, I created a test event with an email notification. I did this on my android phone and behold, it didn’t work.
I looked at the test event in the web browser and realized I had to add attendants to the meeting before they could be notified. Kind of makes sense. I have a new test event for tonight with myself as attendant:-)

But now I realized that it might be good to slightly tweak the behaviour to at least sent an email notification to the owner of the calendar if there are no attendants, so you can use it as reminder. Don’t think this is a large change, but it would be a convenience!

While playing I noticed a slight bug as well (depending on your view it might even be a feature) I added myself as attendant, but didn’t realize the attendant list was off-screen. So I did it again, only to discover I had added myself multiple times when I scrolled down. I pressed the cross in front of one of my names to delete. This should have deleted my name only once, but instead it deleted all of the entries with my name.

Hope you can pick this up. Happy to fill in an/two issue report(s) as well if needed. Let me know.