Remember Playback Location

I’m using Nexcloud with a raspberry pi and a 1G SSD and I love being able to access all my files from anywhere in such a bueautiful interface.

There’s one thing that I haven’t been able to do in any self-hosted way, and I think it’s a natural match for self hosted cloud storage: Remembering playback location by-user.

That way, I could watch some workshop videos that I bought and downloaded, take a peek on the subway, go to the Gym and watch during breaks, and finish watching back home again.

I already do this with information content on YouTube, and it’s the one feature that I have never been able to replicate in a self-hosted way, so this would be a first and explode Nextcloud’s value several times over for the media consumption use case.

I don’t think this will necessarily lead to more and more feature requests attempting to expand Nextcloud into a full video entertaiment platform like Streama. It’s just a single feature that comes naturally to any cloud video player, and I can say I feel confident it will be standard for any cloud video before long.

As an expansion, same backend mechanism would be amazing to be used by the MP3 player, (audiobooks), the PDF viewer, and the ebook reader. It’s like leaving a book open on the coffee table, or pausing a video, but in the Cloud.


This is an interesting feature indeed!
I wonder if it could be implemented as an extra app: each “reader” (video player, pdf reader, …) could interact with it and this extra app could provide the “bookmark” for the specific file.

Thanks for your feedback!

A user-visible app that enables features in other apps would be confusing to be sure.

But there would definitely have to be some standard way to save reading position for a file, presumably in the existing file metadata, and then each app would save and load from there.

As I guess it’s a basically different thing to store a playback point for video than a page for pdf/text files, I think it is in the end easier to realise it inside the different apps. But an interesting idea for sure. Also some “resume where left” for the files app or even the whole nc website could be an idea, latter as extension to the “standard/start app”

That would be great. It would make the whole Nextcloud experience more like working on a desk, where your stuff stays where you left it and you can just come back and continue working.

As I was writing, I am not sure at all that the right way to develop that functionality is through an extra app.

Yet consider that apps that enable features in other apps already exist, and some of them are not really visible as such to users.

Take for example

and others