Reload modified config.php on shared host

Hi, I just upgraded to 12.0.6 on a shared host installation. Fine so far.

Since I recognized that I already have a lot of outdated files (deleted or redundant versions) on the server, I modified the settings for keeping deleted or previous versions files in the config.php.

How can I ‘activate’ this updated config.php?

Note: I cannot run occ on the server…

Best regards,

config.php is read on every request. So it will be activated immediately after altering it when visiting your Nextcloud.

Thanks Bernie. About 1 hr later I still see old files in the Trash (>6 months). Is this normal?

What exactly did you change in config.php?
Are the background jobs regularly executed? As far as I know they should empty the trash.

Hi, I added
’maintenance’ => false,
‘loglevel’ => 2,
‘trashbin_retention_obligation’ => ‘30,31’,
‘versions_retention_obligation’ => ‘14,15’,

How often are the backgroud jobs executed, and where can I check/ configure

you can check that in the admin panel. There you can choose whether background jobs will be run via ajax/webcron/cron (EDIT: their last execution will also be mentioned there).

The syntax of your trashbin/versions entries looks good to me. Trash bin app and versions app are both enabled?

Hi, for now, I deleted the versions and trash manually (my file quota is in danger…) and disabled both functions. I will backup the important directories with rsync on a different system.