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Hello. I am using NextCloud to store my own medical data. I have severe heart failure and am seen by specialists consistently. It is hard to balance all the data between several dozen medical practices and dozen more imaging firms and hospitals. So I have over a hundred different sources. In today’s world doctors and medical practices are very bad at communication.

Together with NextCloud I can now organize and control my data. I can easily show my doctor my last studies. I can show the DICOM views. It is amazing. The interface is modern I love it.

However, one thing I would like to do is be able to “relate” other files to one. If I open a pdf about my surgery in December 2017, it’d be cool if I can have a related documents tab. I don’t mind curating it myself or using tags. So along with my Operative Surgery 2017 document I can put links to my labs, the echo study, the med list, and Doctor Notes files.

Is there any way I can do this?

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As far as I am aware (and I could miss something) up to now you can use only tags.

They are developing a feature called “collections” that should be available in Nextcloud 16

but I just noticed you are aware of it…

Another feature request potentially of interest for you is the extension of tags to different objects in different apps:

This one has no planned milestone yet

The process of tagging several files could maybe be helped by the app Files automated tagging

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