Reindexing without occ

Hello there,

we moved our data folder out of the public web folder and now we have to reindex all files. But our webhosting is a bit complicated with running the occ command (reindex all), although we have SSH.

Why is there no other way to rescan the data folder - let’s say… in the admin section in the web backend, a button? Because there are many semi professionals (without ssh knowledge) who run nextcloud successfully on managed webhosting, such an option would be a fair and nice deal (some day everybody will need the reindex option).

Does this hurt some security concept or something like that?

My only workaround at the moment is download everything via FTP and reupload it via Sync Client on the desktop, Not a good way…

What do you say?

Thx and regards


Actually it would be nice if ANY occ command could be done from the admin panel by some kind of textbox with send button or something.


Make a scan.php file then run it in your browser, depending on the number of files it may take some time

$output = shell_exec('/var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all');
echo "<pre>$output</pre>";

You can also scan users or specific folders to break the script into smaller parts. Use your imagination

p.s. yea, in theory all of this could be built in the “admin” section…

Thanks, so, a summary could be: Other people than me are interested in a more comfortable solution (at least one person) and yes, it should be possible.

So, what would the best way be to suggest this to the Nextcloud team? Github?