Registration app: Verification code not received

I build a new instance of Nextcloud v22 and all is working fine including notifications from it. I installed “Registration” app and thought to give it a try.

When I test by clicking “Register” and provide an e-mail address, the view changed and says: Provide verification code. I do not get any codes on e-mail address that I provide. At the same time I have checked the option under admin to " Need admin approval" but I do not get any e-mails under admin mailbox with request for registration. Is the code supposed to be send without admin approval?

If I tick on “Disable email verification” on administration and repeat the process, then I see the username being created and available under “Disabled users” and awaits the admin to enable it.

I like the first option and I’d like to have email verification turned ON but again, seems like no code is e-mailed out to the mailbox requesting registration.

Is there a bug on this app or version 22 for this process?


Do you in general receive emails from your NC instance?

I do, also testing e-mail under notifications is successful and have setup an admin mailbox just for admin account. No notification is received there either from registration process.

If I tick “Disable e-mail verification” and the user creates the account, I can go to users as admin and enable the account and there you can pick the option to “Resend Welcome e-mail” in which case the e-mail notification is received fine on that user’s e-mail.

Ohh, very sorry, well, it is and it isn’t my fault. I tested a registration with a gmail account and all worked well. The e-mail account I was testing was from domain. I went on-line on that account and did not see anything even on spam folder. I then went to settings and the only option I could find was under Mail–advanced settings, there is an option to “overwrite security filters” and did another test. This time the notification arrived fine.

Wow, so comcast is filtering without even letting you know? This is bad. No, the domain name that admin account uses in nextcloud is not on any blacklists I could find. Not sure why comcast out of the blue considers it as spam. I thought only yahoo was doing this, but now comcast too.

Sorry for the noise, all is working as expected.

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