Registering data instead of importing it to a new NextCloud server?


I am planning to use NextCloud as a file storage for an application. This application computes on large number of data files stored in the NextCloud per user. So, whenever a new set of users want to use this application, their data(huge) needs to imported to the nextcloud server. I did read the following article on how to mass migrate user data to a nextcloud server So, I have to either import the user data either using an external drive or through FTP to the nextcloud server or set up nextcloud server on the machine where that user data to be imported exists.

I was just wondering if there is way to just register the metadata of the data that needs to be imported in a central database instead of importing it and then the already existing NextCloud server instance can look up this metadata and become aware of the new files (something like Globus).

Is something like this possible? or in the future NextCloud Global Scale ?