Regional datetime settings for the datetime picker

I know this was discussed 3 years ago in the OC forums but nothing every happened. Will Nextcloud get a datetime picker that supports the formats other than D/M/YYYY for the date? As a US resident, M/D/YYYY is the norm for this area. There was talk of creating admin settings for changing things but I would be happy with a manual config entry to change the format.

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Can you just open a feature request on the bugtracker:

Did anyone had a chance to submit a request for this feature? Seem like those in USA get easily confused with the date format.

THank you

No it wasn’t. I created an issue:

That’s already supported since Nextcloud 9 by now already

It’s also the default when you use english.
You explicitly have to select british english in your personal settings to get DD.MM.YYYY

So the OP has chosen the wrong language settings?

@bsnipes & @GigglingPresident can you confirm?

I think my issue could be different because I getting European date format when choosing under sharing the expiration date.

Having an option to follow ISO standard of YYYY-MM-DD would be also good, see:

Ah, this has nothing to do with the calendar app but the date picker in the files app, okay.
Please file a feature request in