Regarding PDF scan on Nextcloud Android app

I just tested PDF scan directly from the app, and it鈥檚 pretty great. But I regret that the output PDF would be so heavy (50Mo for 6 pages).

Plus, why isn鈥檛 scan available on the F-droid version ? Non-libre features ?

PDF size: Someone else suggested maybe being able to adjust the scan quality for this reason[1]. You may want to upvote, comment on, or assist with that Issue if it interests you.

Availability: I guess it鈥檚 the binary bit, and also no one having the time to dig deeper into it[2].

[1] Choose document scan quality 路 Issue #11562 路 nextcloud/android 路 GitHub
[2] latest version contains binary, disabled in F-Droid 路 Issue #10046 路 nextcloud/android 路 GitHub