Redo automatic upload of existing files from Android APP to NC after deletion on NC

Nextcloud 24.0.1, NC Android App 3.20.1

I tested automatic upload from my Android smartphone to NC and it worked fine. Existing and new created files are uploaded to “SofortUpload” folder (I have a German installation) in proper subfolders named like the source folders.

Unfortunately i did not think much about storage before, and all files are placed on the disk storage of my virtual machine, which should not be used for that (too small anyways). So I deleted the folders using the browser GUI, also from recycle bin, defined an external storage and changed the upload folder in the app to this storage. even with ticked “sync existing files” the existing files are not uploaded again to the new NC external storage. new created files are uploaded and placed successfully to external storage immediately.

using a folder which was not included on my first upload the “sync existing files” worked perfect as well as new created files.

so “somebody” has remembered what I already uploaded and is not doing it again, even if these files are not on the target.
I tried everything i found in the app, resync of folder, switch off / on upload, restart smartphone etc etc but no success.

any idea how can i make the app to re-upload existing files to new NC location?

Thanks, Butcher.