Recycle bin for contacts?

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All my contacts are in nextcloud. I sync them to my phone with the Davx5 android app. My phone went rogue (in rain) and deleted some contacts! I thought it would be ok, that i could restore from trash/recycle bin but I can鈥檛 find them in there.

Does nc really have no way to protect contacts from accidential deletion?

I have a backup but restoring that would mean losing all the other data and files that changed since this. Unless there is a way to extract individual contacts?

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Until Nextcloud 22 unfortunately there is no trashbin for contacts. Maybe it will be implemented in a future version.

However, if you have a database backup you can restore your addressbook with the help of calcardbackup. Have a look at the section Does this also work with a broken ownCloud/Nextcloud instance? in the README of the repo.

Thanks Bernie_O! Very helpful. I was really quite surprised that the 鈥渟afe home for all [my] data鈥 could quite easily lose my contacts :slight_smile:

Your script looks very useful.

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You can easily backup your contacts as vcf file.
I do it personally every night using cron.
Benefit is that I can read this file (it is plain text) and nearly every PIM app can import it.
With a complete db backup this is not possible in an easy way.

For details see Contacts app - How to backup/export full addressbook? - #19 by rakekniven

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Calendar and Contacts Trashbin 路 Issue #1662 路 nextcloud/server 路 GitHub is the overview ticket for DAV trash bins