Recurring calendar events

Looking at the demo calendar app, I see you could set up a recurring event to repeat every N days, weeks, months, years. Owncloud can repeat on the the third Monday of every month. I don’t see how you would do that in Nextcloud. Am I missing something?

According to this issue the feature was not stable / tested by the release of the current version (1.6.1). The feature should be included in 1.6.2, which is not yet released unfortunately.

That thread appears to be about editing recurring events, not creating a current event like third Monday of every month. How is it related?


Maybe this one describes your problem more accurately? If not, then I probably do not understand your problem. Both issues are referring to the same feature.

Thanks. I see that feature in this picture from a year ago , but I don’t see it in the demo on the website. Does that mean this picture is a design that just hasn’t been implemented over the course of a year, or am I missing how it gets enabled somehow?


It hasn’t been implemented yet, but will be in 1.6.2, while the current stable is 1.6.1

Thank you. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

I also really would like to see this functionality be available in the app.