Recover ncp admin password (or reset... or change)

Hey guys… usually not an issue to retain passwords for me, but i seemed to have lost the screenshot for the ncp admin account (the account to login to the nc-config and other utilities page… :4443)

Anyway, i have occ access (can not get actual command line access to run true linux commands… but have installed the occ web plugin… hoping to change the ncp password that way, but it skips right over reseting/changing the password when i do that…)

Is there another way to recover the ncp password? or to force it to change to something other than the long string of letters/numbers/symbols produced at installation?

in cli run

sudo ncp-config

Navigate via CONFIG to nc-admin to set password for user ncp (NC admin on :443)
and nc-passwd to set password for user ncp (NCP web on :4443)