Recover files from server after catastrophic failure

I was trying to move my nextcloud files to another cloud directory (icloud) on my mac, but when I realised that the client started to sync the deletions with the server I interrupted with ctrl-z.
Now I end up with no data at the new target and a substantial loss of data on the client and the server, running the last version of NC 22 on dietpi.
Unfortunately, I also don’t have a recent, complete backup of the data. Only 15-20 minutes after this happened I called somebody to physically turn off the server.

My question is: Can I recover the deleted directories and the containing files from the server?

You could try look in the trash bin.

Thank you, the files seem to be there. But is there any way to recover the folder structure? So far it seems that the structure is almost flattened.

In the webui if you restore the folders first then the files it should put them back in the right place as far as I am aware. That said I haven’t had to recover this way before so you’ll have to make copies of all your data and experiment