Recommendation for Android task management app

I have been using Open Tasks on my Android devices to manage several thousand tasks in well over 50 task lists. Open Tasks, however, seems to no longer be in development and I am looking for a replacement. Open Tasks only does task lists which is all I want and need, albeit with more functionality than Open Tasks. In other words, I am not looking for a kitchen sink app…

Can anyone suggest another task management app for Android?


Afaik DAVx5 recommends to use "jtx Board" or "" as an alternative for "OpenTasks".


I took a very quick look at those and they are overkill for my needs. I am simply looking for a replacement for OpenTasks that continues to be updated…

Well, you probably won’t find an app that is 100% identical unless someone forks the original app and continues to maintain it. As of now, I am not aware of such a fork. But the app is still working, so there is no need to switch to something else immediately.

I agree. I had seen that it had been forked several hundred times and am hoping someone has decided to continue develop it under another name.

I highly recommend to-do list & tasks

(One possible problem:
the Nextcloud Tasks app
does not respect repetitive tasks.)

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Also, the Nextcloud Tasks app does not support media attachments inserted from the Android Tasks app

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The Android Tasks app does not allow any type of attachment so that is a moot point at this stage.

with version 13.1.2 I can clearly add attachment to a task:

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The discussion was about Android OpenTasks replacement and this app is at version 1.4.2.

Open Tasks doesn’t, Tasks does, which actually doesn’t matter, because the Nextcloud Server app doesn’t either. However, with Tasks you would still gain proper Sub-Tasks support compared to Open Tasks.

Nextcloud Task: (Server)
(+) Sub Tasks
(-) No Attachements

Open Tasks: (Android Client):
(-) No propper support for synching Sub-Tasks with Nextcloud Tasks)
(-) No Attachements
(-) No longer maintained

Tasks: (Android Client)
(+) Sub-Tasks (can be synched with Nextcloud Tasks)
(+/-) Attachments (cannot be synched with Nextcloud Tasks)
(+) maintained

So for me that choice is easy, regardless of the Attachments feature.

But the Nextcloud App can’t, as you said yourself 8 days ago. But sure, even if you can’t sync the attachements to your Nextcloud server, I guess it can still be useful locally on your phone.

Tasks can be a replacement for Open Tasks. But I guess you aren’t looking for a replacement, you are looking for the exact same thing. :wink:

Correct. I want a ”minimal” app and have no desire to share my information with the developer, nor to pay a lot for the use.

@jreyju, Open-source To-Do Lists & Reminders | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository is compiled solely using FOSS packages, doesn’t include any anti-features relating to information sharing, and is unable to request (nor attempts to request, unlike its Play Store counterpart) payment.