Recognize seems to fail with AVIF

Hello everybody,

i’m facing a problem with the recognize app. The app was working well but a few months ago it stopped to do so. When i check the log it tells me:

Failed to generate preview of 1765741 with dimension 1024 with nextcloud preview manager: Undefined constant “OCA\Recognize\Classifiers\IMAGETYPE_AVIF”

There are many more errors like this. I can’t grab the problem, it seems like it is not possible to scan AVIF-files?

I tried to add it in the Nextcloud config into the array



14 => ‘OC\Preview\AVIF’,

but it has no effect.
Do you know where this problem is caused? And maybe even a solution?
I would be very thankfull :slight_smile:

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This should be fixed starting with recognize v6.x

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My installed version of the recognize app is 6.1.1 :speak_no_evil:

For the sake of completeness: Nextcloud Version is 28.0.4 and runs on a server with 8GB of ram

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