Recognize: Rescan all files - is it safe to use?

I hope I’m in the right category, I’m sorry if I’m not, but I didn’t find a category specific for the recognize app.

First things first: the app works great on my end! I’m only using the app to tag people/faces. However I have some pictures where the app didn’t recognize any face and I would like to rescan those images, because an update of the models, the app (the mood?) might find the faces now. But I’m hesistant to click on “rescan all files” (“Alle Dateien erneut scannen”) because I’m unsure what will happen to all of my previously scanned and tagged items.
Will I lose this information or is it safe to press that button as only new information will get created?

Thanks in advance for any answer and sorry if that is covered somewhere else, but I didn’t find any topic regarding this.

Hi @baka0815

it’s quite unlikely that a rescan will turn up new faces currently. The models have not been updated in quite some time. It’s not unusual that the app doesn’t find all faces, sadly.

Thank you for the information! I’ll follow Manual tagging when face not detected · Issue #611 · nextcloud/recognize · GitHub to see if it’s possible to manually tag faces.