Recognize: cannot execute node.js binary and cant open nextcloud logs

i think it could be a permissions issues too because i cant open the location in jail shell or system shell,(i am new to this and dont know much) if its a permissions issue pls guide me step by step thank you:

tried in jail shell

tried in system shell

logs page is blank:

Hey! It seems like a permissions issue. In the jail shell, try using the “chmod” command to change permissions. For example: “chmod 755 your_directory_path”. This grants read, write, and execute permissions to the owner and read/execute to others.

Make sure the user running the jail shell has the necessary permissions. If it persists, check if the ZFS dataset allows the necessary permissions.

For the system shell, try using “sudo” before your commands to ensure proper permissions.

Hope this helps! If you’re still stuck, feel free to ask for more details.

this is jail shell:

System shell: