"Recently edited" items in Nextcloud 16

I just upgraded a test system to 16.0.0, and I notice there is a new bar at the top in the files app which displays recently edited documents. This is great, but for new users it’s populating that bar with the contents of the skeleton_files directory.

I haven’t found any way to configure this behavior yet. Is it possible to have it start with a blank slate for new users?


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Another question is: How to disable the “recently edit items” ?


The easiest way I’ve found is to use uBlock Origin browser extension to create a rule and block the ###recommendations tag

This will hide the bar until the option to toggle it on/off is implemented in the menus.

There should be a config variable for that…


Sure there should be

This doesn’t answer the question of the initial post, but for all those who would like to disable this feature (even without uBlock Origin):

  • login to your nextcloud server as admin
  • go to apps section
  • disable the app “Recommendations”

Worked for me. Thanks

Thanks for that - It was driving me mad.

Sorry, to pick up this part again. I have a little bit different question to recent files.
How can I diasable “Recent” at all. (See Picture)

Users see also recent files where they do not have access to (due to group folders)
I thinkt this is confusing for ones and making others curious.

I tried to search, but always found links to this thread and disable the app “Recommendations” did not help.

Best regards

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This sounds like a bug to me. You might want to open an issue on Github for that:

As far as I know, you can’t (without modifying the source code). It’s a basic feature of the files app, so it can’t be solved by just disabling an app like it was possible with recommendations app.

I opened an issue on Github for that.
Lets see what happens


I disabled recommendations per suggestion above.

I want to report another problem with it, it displays cache files with the add-on Carnet. Not just the changes to notes, but to index.php’s and metadata .json’s . Prolly a Carnet issue. I’ll bring it up there.

I actually didn’t mind the functionality, just the implementation.

The field is between the file folders and the top menu, and it pops in after the folders have already loaded, shoving those down on my slow-ish install on a cheap VPS. I must have clicked the wrong folder a dozen times before I went looking for a way to kill it. The feature needs to “reserve the space” there before the folders load or something, having your folder list suddenly shift down three rows is a monumental pain if you’re just about to click.

Can you post to the issue? I have number of users that are asking whether they can disable recent files feature, while some love it. I would be nice if users could decide in the settings which behaviour they prefer

Any updates on this ? Seems like some of my users would want me to turn this off

hello, I wanted to know where this function can be disabled with code modification. I can’t find any files related to this.

Where did you look?
The search was rather quick:

/nextcloud/apps/files # grep -ri "recent"
lib/AppInfo/Application.php:                            'id' => 'recent',
lib/AppInfo/Application.php:                            'script' => 'recentlist.php',
lib/AppInfo/Application.php:                            'name' => $l10n->t('Recent')
lib/Controller/ApiController.php:        * Returns a list of recently modifed files.
lib/Controller/ApiController.php:       public function getRecentFiles() {
lib/Controller/ApiController.php:               $nodes = $this->userFolder->getRecent(100);
appinfo/routes.php:                             'name' => 'API#getRecentFiles',
appinfo/routes.php:                             'url' => '/api/v1/recent/',
css/files.scss: @include icon-color('recent', 'files', $color-black);
recentlist.php:$tmpl = new OCP\Template('files', 'recentlist', '');
js/merged-index.json:  "recentfilelist.js",
js/merged-index.json:  "recentplugin.js",
js/recentplugin.js:      * Registers the recent file list from the files app sidebar.
js/recentplugin.js:      * @namespace OCA.Files.RecentPlugin
js/recentplugin.js:     OCA.Files.RecentPlugin = {
js/recentplugin.js:             name: 'Recent',
js/recentplugin.js:              * @type OCA.Files.RecentFileList
js/recentplugin.js:             recentFileList: null,

Unfortunately I can’t help you with disabling this feature. I don’t understand the structure of these apps and where loading an app and its modules starts. Removing some code from the middle will very likely break the app, so finding the start points would be important.

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Thanks, but I just need some starting points. I can’t figure it out myself, it’s an unfamiliar structure for me. P.S. I found the right one with your help, thank you! Before that, I searched through Sublime Text for part of the code, but it did not give out these lines.