"Recently Contacted" Group is read only?


Recently Contacted is a contact group to enable email clients to auto complete adresses for receivers not found in adressbooks like outook does called auto completion. It works with the NC email app.

I want to sync this special contact group with my devices for comfort reasons. But in my case this contact group is read only, all contacts created by my end devices (android, thunderbird are replaced by the list coming from NC at each sync.

I can’t even delete entries in the contact app itself. The app shows that the contacts are in read only mode.

My provider hosting.de says that this is the way the app works and that it is not possible to change it to sync both ways (write access).

I can not believe, because it is not usable in this way.

Can someone tell me where my thinking error is?

NC 20.0.13
Contacts 4.0.3
Mail 1.10.5

Best regards

Okay, maybe my question is not focused enough.

Let me try this: Is the “Recently Contacted” Group read only by design and not to change?


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