Receiving activity notifications as quickly as possible

Hello everyone!
The reason I have opened this topic is to propose a new feature that would be very helpfull for everyone using Nextcloud to track the activity of the data. As I have seen Nextcloud doesn’t provide notifications for the new uploads. You get them only by email but you don’t know when. We don’t have an exact time where this email will come so the users will not understand when someone will upload something (you can comment but not sure if everyone will do this). Also when you have a lot of data inside a folder in the first sight you see this(see below) :

So here you have the files their storage information and when the file is created not upload it. So when you have inside a folder a bunch of files it will be very difficult for users to understand when files have been upload it. You have to go to details for each file to track their activity.
I don’t know maybe is there any app so every user get notification for each upload someone make in their shared folder. Or what I am proposing is a new column as below so it would be very helpfull to understand when a new file is uploaded it in specific shared folder:

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Is what you want not covered here?

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Uploads are visible with the Activity app.

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Yes Activity App is very good you can check everything there, but sometimes the notification by email doesn’t come as soon as possible or hourly it takes time. Don’t work properly

Maybe you could have a look at GitHub - nextcloud/notify_push: Update notifications for nextcloud clients in order to get nearly realtime notifications. Afaik this should also affect email nortifications, but I did not test that myself, so I’m not a 100% sure…

Sounds like the actual issue is you wanting to have emails sent out more frequently for the activity app.

Have you considered using RSS instead?
Bottom left of Activity app you can enable an RSS feed and then add it to whatever client you prefer on your phone or desktop. It will give you item by item updates.

You can also look into setting up Push notifications. See options in the appstore.

Does it not work properly or you want the email sent faster?

The page I linked has instructions for changing the email interval.

Better scheduling of activity emails

In certain scenarios it makes sense to send the activity emails out more regularly, e.g. you want to send the hourly emails always at the full hour, daily emails before people start to work in the morning and weekly mails shall be send on monday morning, so people can read up when starting into the week.

A console command is available to trigger sending those emails. This allows to set up special cron jobs on your server with the known granularity, instead of relying on the Nextcloud cron feature which is not very flexible on scheduling.

To implement the samples mentioned above, the following three entries are necessary:

# crontab -u www-data -e
 0  *  *  *  *    php -f /var/www/nextcloud/occ activity:send-mails hourly
30  7  *  *  *    php -f /var/www/nextcloud/occ activity:send-mails daily
30  7  *  *  MON  php -f /var/www/nextcloud/occ activity:send-mails weekly

If you want to manually send out all activity emails which are queued, you can run occ activity:send-mails without any argument.

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I have changed this configuration manually from my admin panel not from server. It is the same thing? Anyway the activity app is solving somehow the problem. I have suggested my user to track their activity from this app. But it would have been very good that column I have suggested because I don’t think the people would be so much interested to see the file details more than upload date to the cloud.