Rebranding Nextcloud


I know Nextcloud sell the enterprise version of this software but is there any reason apart from morals why I would use the code to create my own cloud business?

I would like to rebrand, attach to Digital Ocean spaces or AWS buckets which will obviously cost money and also build some from of registration and payment system. 25GB free, 500GB 10.00 a month type thing

I ask because the enterprise solution if used a rebranded would be impossible to be competitive at $8 a month per user with out any storage costs seems a lot of money. There are many commercial products that are cheaper


You can obviously use it how you wish, but also sounds like you have no idea what you are doing. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d be worried in assuming a themed, paid Nextcloud instance with object storage attached is considered “reliable” without backups, failover, and other infrastructure. Or perhaps you already have all those things.

Just be wary of cutting corners in order to make profit off a few dollar VPS. :+1:

Yes and no. I have 25 years of server clustering, failover, backups ect experience on Linux. Lots of theming experience, written a book on it but less programming. I just lazy when it comes to explaining what i want and how i intend to do it.

So the infrastructure side of this no problem. I am already running on 4 load balanced servers as a test, taking backups full and incremental and have it connected to DO spaces because its cheaper than S3

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I don’t think infrastructure is the problem with monetizing Nextcloud…

You should browse NC apps on GitHub to get a picture how many problems users have.
Are you ready to tackle those issues? Your paying (!) customers would expect you to…

And keep in mind, many “enterprise level” features of NC are not documented unless you have a contract with NC GmbH…

In other words, NC is an iceberg and you - just like any other “free” user - have no idea what is under water…

Give it a go! Spin it up and at least test it out. Nothing wrong with running this on your own infrastructure. Perhaps you’ll find it works for you. Just give it a thorough test so you understand the caveats as @anon71540698 mentioned.