Really poor nextcloud 11 upload performance after new install

LEMP stack - Ubuntu 16.04/nginx1.10/mariaDB10.0.29/php7.0.15
followed nextcloud Linux manual install guide
Nextcloud is working Ok and no warnings on admin page except …

really poor upload performance from browser and mobile app e.g. 8Mb file takes a minute to upload

I have worked through the Nextcloud server tuning guide here;

and have increased php max file upload size to 2Gb and enabled php APCu 5.1.8

made no difference to upload performance :frowning:

would really appreciate any help or guidance with this as I am out of ideas


Is this on your local network? What is the upload speed with other protocols between your client and server? Dou you upload via client or web-interface?
You don’t get the speed of SFTP, especially for a large number of files. It helps to monitor the system, redis cache often improves the performance as well as general database tuning (cache settings). top can help you to see where you have resource limits.