Real Time notifications

Hello. I installed Nextcloud 23 on my VPS server.
My problem is that i have no real-time or push notifications on any app (talk, anouncements, calendar etc). After doing something, the other users must get into the relative app or refresh the page to see the changes/new messages etc.
Is that the normal behavior, or am i missing something?

You might be looking for this: GitHub - nextcloud/notify_push: Update notifications for nextcloud clients

Otherwise the clients are only polling (as far as I know)

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Just reread your question. You mean in the webinterface?

Don’t think the notify_push works there. Some apps (I think e.g. Deck) refresh the page from time to time automatically.

But you are not alone with this feature request :wink: e.g.

I mean notifications in the webinterface (there are no clients for talk/calendar/tasks). How is supposed someone to answer in the chat for example, if no notification comes?

Frankly spoken this is also one of the reasons we do not use Talk yet. In the browser one can sometimes miss messages. If I remember correctly there are desktop notifications from the browser but they did not really work reliable (back when I tried it). And you should have an asterix * or some other symbol in front of the browser tab when you have a new notification/message.

For Calendar & Task I use the default OS applications and they have a sync interval nevertheless.
The Talk client for mobile devices benefits from GitHub - nextcloud/notify_push: Update notifications for nextcloud clients which I mentioned above.

There are no desktop notifications, neither asterisk or other symbol in the tab, neither notifications on mobile app. actually i don’t see any desktop application too for calendar/task, only a file sync client

Maybe someone else with a current running Talk set-up can help you there.

I played around with these things some months ago…