"Real" read-only setup

Hi all,

apologies upfront if the topic gets a little bit longer, but I am really getting lost.

We are running Nextcloud version 11.0.3 on Ubuntu.

To explain my issues and question, I need to line out our setup / our idea behind how we want to use / are trying to use Nextcloud:

We have a central fileserver holding repositories for our technicians. The content of this directory is being sync by the admin account to a server located in the Internet.

We built 4 folders:


We also configured user groups for each folder, sharing with “Can Read” Option.

The technicians have one or multiple sync configs on their laptops to sync from the server located in the internet, using the respective folder1,folder2,folder3 or general user.

Sync is working fine, however we are experiencing cases, where a user for example moves files in windows Explorer. This results in those folder or files being uploaded back to the server to the respective “Home-Directory” of the individual user.
This results in every user having that sync configured, downloads those additional files as well.

So my question is: Can the permission to upload files also be disabled completely?
The idea is: Master is on fileserver, syncing with admin account to Internet hosted server and clients only update deletions and additions?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support. If there is any additional information or detail needed, please let me know.



This results in every user having that sync configured, downloads those additional files as well.

Why would anyone other that the user sync the user’s home directory? Are you using the same account for multiple clients of different users?

I honestly don’t see the big issue with people uploading files to their home directory… might be useful also, no? Restricting things too much is often not such a good idea.

But what I would try is to set the user file quota to 0 as shared folders don’t add to the individual quota. This might result in some errors being displayed though.

Yes, accounts are being shared.
The issue is that the users mess up the directory and copy over things which results in data from the 2nd account possibly configured ends up in the users home leading to others syncing things they don’t need. We nearly doubled the data by this.

I will give Quota 0 a shot.

Usage idea is that the clients should download only. Central repository but “one-way”.

Nextcloud unfortunately is not currently built to handle this usecase. Client = Master.
However, given it’s webDAV you could potentially look at mounting network drives using that protocol (admittedly the files remain remote, but a sync task could replicate to a user directory).

From the looks it currently looks fine.

Files are trying to be synced but now results in an error due to Quota 0.
However, even if the actual files are not being uploaded any longer, the actual folder structure is created even with a Quota of 0 which confuses me a little bit to be honest.

I believe this is being fixed.

In the course of being fixed or fixed in a release I don’t run yet? We’re on 11.0.3

Reported, can’t see evidence of accepted or fixed:

The relevant one is here and part of the NC 12.0.1 milestone: