Real (open source) iOS app

I just found an old discussion about the iOS client in ownCloud which was closed-source in the beginning as well. Then the sources were published but still no own version could be distributed:

In this discussion I found a link to a real open source iOS client that can be freely modified and distributed (under MIT license):

Probably it can’t compete with the current ownCloud-iOS-app and closed-source Nextcloud-iOS-app (yet), but it’s a start. It is supposed to work with oC 8.1. Could this be the start for a proper Nextcloud iOS app?

The app is a bit old and doesn’t run on current iOS. So, there is probably a need to rewrite a completely new app:

AFAIK you cant publish Open Source apps on the app store because Apple requires you to sign a contract that requires you to not publish the app on any other store. This however is incompatible with most? licenses

what about MIT or Apache license?

Publishing the code can’t be the issue because owncloud already publishes the code on github.

The app was open sourced in the mean time. Thank at all working for it:

Is there a way to get the iOS app for free? I see that it’s free on Android.

Can it be compiled from the github source?


I think so, however non app store apps on iOS are pretty hard, especially because you need a bunch of signed certificates to access additional APIs, so while you probably could compile the app it could be worthless because you cant access things like network on iOS.

Read up on guides on the internetz :wink: