Reading News from mobile Client (iPhone/iPad)


I’ve been using NC for a few days now and I’m quite happy with it. Only the news app or rather the access with the iPhone/iPad causes me problems. While the access via the web frontend works smoothly I have my problems with the app CloudNews (some news are not displayed but you see the variables used by the developer, or the wrong news are displayed to the visible headline). Therefore I would like to use another newsreader. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Does the news app have no function to provide the feed? Are there alternatives to CloudNews on iOS?


No but a feed would not solve this since it provides no way of telling the server what things are read or unread. If you just want to read your feeds on mobile without sync you can simply export your feeds as OPML.

As for clients: I only know CloudNews

OK, but i found out that using the webfrontend for reading news, even on mobile Clients, is useable.