Readable Audit log?

I collect my audit logs in another file as audit.log
But I cannot see audit logs on logging. Is there any way to read those log from a GUI or parsing method to export outside?

Only the default nextcloud log can be read using an implemented gui. The audit log need to be set-up separately and cannot be displayed within Nextcloud at all. Check-out the administrator guide for further information:

Thanks for quick reply. But I read already ant set up my audit log by using this document. All I want to know is there any parsing method or etc. to export those log to outside to more readable format.

For example I use it with Cacti:

really thank you. May I ask , How cacti read this? Which cacti plugin ?

It is offtopic of this forum, so short story:
Basically scipt will produce output as Cacti wants:

sudo -u www-data /var/www/cacti/scripts/ -n
Login_UnknownUser:6 FileAccess_UnknownUser:0 FileWritten_UnknownUser:0 FileCreated_UnknownUser:0 FileDeleted_UnknownUser:0 New_Share_UnknownUser:0 Share_access_UnknownUser:0 Preview_access_UnknownUser:0 

Just create “Data Input Method” with path to the script. e.g. <path_cacti>/scripts/ <user>

Then you need to create “Data Source”, with enabled Field “User” e.g.:

You can create graphs per user:

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Really Thank you.

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