Read this before you update to Nextcloud 18

Please use the right way to update your installation:

Some people just extract to update into the current nextcloud folder. This will not remove files from older version and can lead to unexpected results. For example:

I understand that moving around those files is annoying. We know that apps/workflowengine/appinfo/database.xml is causing the issues. At least delete this file before running ./occ upgrade.

Please make sure to have a recent working backup (files, config, database, your data) as always :safety_vest:

Happy updating :rocket:


How did you have that file on your disk? From alpha/beta/RCs?

The file was part of Nextcloud 17. There are two ways to make database changes: The old way with database.xml and the new one with migrations. workflowengine app shipped with Nextcloud 18 is using migrations now instead of database.xml. If you just extract to your nextcloud directory (without removing the old files first as suggested) you end up with database.xml and migrations. database.xml has priority hence database is not changed.


Works fine with manual update

Do I need to delete some files before if I upgrade via Softaculous in CPanel or can I just upgrade?