Read receipt for documents

Is there any possibly to include something like read receipt for documents into nc? My idea would be to create a folder with policies and procedures and to track that users have read (and accepted) the policies.

This should not be the terms and conditions on login. But something like a pdf in a folder. For example a data privacy policy or the code of conduct.

Thank you

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What do you mean by “accepted”?

I think that you can try to create a flow that does something after the user opens a specific file.
Of course:

  1. I see no way to know if s/he actually read it
  2. If you want a “formal” communication that the conditions are accepted this does not work
  3. the flow could be good if you want a notification of the action. If you want to save the info, maybe you could explore the funtionalities of Flow & Data Analytics

I believe this would be an interesting solution to start. I will work on that and keep updates here.

Perhaps you can use two shared links.
One for the receipt and one for the documents.
Because someone can copy and share the second link you should copy also to the second share with some modifications. Perhaps you only need one link but then the user must not active click on a link to confirm the receipt .


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Hi Folks,
I’m interested at this problem.
I have see the @devnull solution…In this case I need to generate a workflow when the user click the system send an email/apply a tag not deletable by users.
What do you mean? It is feasible?

Sorry. I do not understand it. If you speak german you can write mit a personal message in german. If not you must use other words.