Read access/share for users outside collective

Can the content of a collective be shared with other users in the organisation who are not part of the circle/collective? This would be great, as the collective organises the knowledge, but so far I have not found a way to share it with my organisation. Upsofar I must urge people to join a circle to read what the circle writes in the collective.

I’ve read that some people would like to password protect their shared collective links (like here), so I wonder how collectives can be shared in the first place.

collectives is version 0.15.21, and NC is v 20.0.14

Thank you and best regards

Hey @adagiomolto. You’re on very old Nextcloud and Collectives versions that no longer receive security updates. So I stronlgy recommend to upgrade to a newer Nextcloud version.

In recent versions of Collectives, you can share a collective through the three-dot menu in the collectives list. There’s an option ‘Share link’ which generates a share link that allows to access a collective without being logged into Nextcloud. This feature came with Nextcloud 0.16.22 - and with 1.0.0 support for editable shares was added.

If you want everybody on your Nextcloud instance to have access to a collective, you could create a Nextcloud group with all users in it and add this group to the respective circle as a member.

Thank you @mejo ! I was afraid this might be the case and will now urge our host to upgrade. I’m excited to see what other features Collectives 1.x.x brings