Re: Creating a community survey

Hey everyone,

after my post about a possible community foundation, it became clear that some details about the composition of this community are not well known. A community member approached me about creating a community survey for getting more facts about the community.

And that’s what we’re up to now. If you’d like to add questions, here’s the link: Riseup Pad

As always feel free to discuss and comment on this post :slight_smile:

Cheers :cloud: :wave:


Oh, this is not the finished survey, yet. I just wanted to ask for feedback on which questions would be interesting. I think the finished survey would be done with nextcloud forms or something similar. The link I posted is an Etherpad, so everybody can write to it.

Ah, nice.

Click for an attempt at a form draft

Which Nextcloud version are you running? (<=15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22)
Which was your first version?(1=>22)
Which best describes your use case? (private/non-profit/commercial/government/saas)
Have you ever had a Nextcloud Enterprise subscription?

  • Yes
  • No

Which apps do you have installed?

  • Which Nextcloud apps do you enjoy the most?
  • Which Nextcloud apps have you lost interest in?
  • Do you selfhost any services in addition to Nextcloud?

In which area would you like to see more development from the community?

  • media hub
  • digital office
  • communication and social features
  • connecting content from different apps
  • performance
  • user experience
  • …?

Do you host an officesuite alongside Nextcloud?

  • None
  • Collabora CODE app
  • Collabora dedicated suite
  • OnlyOffice
  • Other (please write in)

Do you use the HPB for Nextcloud Talk?
How many users are on your server?
Which CPU architecture are you using?

  • x86 [Intel or AMD]
  • ARMv32, ARMv64 [RPi, Pine Rock, etc.]
  • something else [RiscV, etc.]
    Which kind of server are you providing Nextcloud on?
  • Home server
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • Colocation
  • SaaS Provider
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Thanks, @marcelklehr, I added my two cents.

When? Where?

Did you have a look at Cooperation with to support community based Nexctloud development?

I see a lot of advantages in this approach… it would only be necessary to reach some kind of cooperative agreement with the GmbH and select a board. :wink:

When? Where?

see Do we need a formal, democratic, non-profit Organization for organizing the Nextcloud community? - #36 by Halle_Luja