RC2s of 29.0.3, 28.0.7, 27.1.11

Maintenance releases of 29.0.3, 28.0.7 and 27.1.11 are coming next Thursday and the second RCs for those are now available on our download server.

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!

We updated our servers, did our tests, and the release candidates seem pretty decent. Still, give it a whirl and report back here so we’re even more sure that it’s good to go! If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate Github repository! :bowing_woman:

:warning: Nextcloud 27 is sunsetting and will receive it’s final release. If you are running this series, it is a good time to plan upgrade to 28!



29.0.3 RC2

28.0.7 RC2

27.1.11 RC2

I think starting with 29.0, every update for me fails once the backup completes. I have to go back to the Admin page and re-try the update for it to continue. I am using the Brave browser. So, I don’t know if it’s a browser compatibility issue or an update process issue. Are any others seeing this?

On the second try the update process continues to completion.

I hope this problem has been taken care of, because it is very annoying for a photo app

There is no github link provided. Without being reported the bug might still be unnoticed by the developers.


It’s done .

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