RC1s of 26.0.1, 25.0.6 and 24.0.12

Maintenance releases of 26.0.1, 25.0.6 and 24.0.12 are coming next Thursday and RCs for those are now available on our download server.

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!

We updated our servers, did our tests, and the release candidates seem pretty decent. Still, give it a whirl and report back here so we’re even more sure that it’s good to go! If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate github repository! :bowing_woman:







If I read the changelog correctly, the Conflict fixes (text#3988) are the solution to the Text Editor and the Collectives have had constant saving problems since ~NC 26.0? That would be wonderful! :rocket:

My current instance of Nextlcoud is in 25.0.5 but updater only offers to me (from both UI and CLI) the 26.0.0 version. Is it posible to update to minor version using the cli updater?

As these are just the Release Candidates (RCs) of 24.0.12/25.0.6/26.0.1 I think you will only get them from the beta channel if desired.

As stated in the opening post the actual releases will be on Thursday (April 20th).

Even after that it can take a few weeks until you get it (as not everyone get’s the update at the same time, so Nextclouds update servers won’t be overloaded).


Your right @koelle25! I didn’t figure out that those are RCs. I will wait until official minor releases on 20/04 before checking update version offered in admin panel.


uh, you are a lucky, Im in 25.0.5 but updater only offers me 25.0.6

I want v26 in stable channel!

There seems to be a severe problem with NC 26.0 if there is more than one instance of nextcloud on the same server. Please check this bug report:

that has been confirmed by several users, including me. I wonder why there is still no reaction on that bug report.

I would suggest not to upgrade to v26 if other instances are on the same server.


It seems they have found something:

thanks @eehmke , I was about to update a second instance on the same server to NC26. Now I’m a bit more careful and wait about the experience with this fix…


Having no official release info in the nextcloud blog, it seem better not to upgrade from 26.0 to 26.1


i can not upgrade from 25.04, neither to 25.05 nor 25.06

the web based upgrader seems to run to the very end, only to finish with the message that NC installation is already up-to-date with 25.04…

any help is very much appreciated,


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I applied the patch of lib/base.php in line 601 (both instances) and that indeed fixes the issue.

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Me podrian pasar el archivo zip de nextcloud ultima version



can you please be more precise?

in the public accessible server dir i can find the lib/base.php file - however on opine 601 i do have
if (!file_exists($vendorAutoLoad)) {

i do not find any reference to APCU

my current version is 25.0.4 and i should be able to upgrade to 25.06 – before upgrading to 26



In NC25 the line numbers may be different. I think you can savely upgrade to 25.06 and then to 26.0.1. Then you have this line 601in lib/base.php:


Replace it with this line:

self::$composerAutoloader->setApcuPrefix(‘composer_autoload_’ . md5(OC::$SERVERROOT . ‘_’ . filemtime(OC::$SERVERROOT . ‘/version.php’)));

Do this on all instances. This worked for me.

Will the Issue of thumbnail display of plug-in storage SMB be resolved in this version?

Versions were released: Patch releases 26.0.1, 25.0.6 and last 24 release: 24.0.12

Thanks for all the testing and feedback. If you have individual problems or question, please open dedicated topics.