Raspberry with Nextcloud stops responding over time

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ as a NextCloud server with Raspbian Stretch Lite. At least once or twice a month the server stops responding completely. I can see how the LEDs of the RJ-45 port and the board itself are lit and blink occasionally. However, when accessing https, the error ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE appears, the same when I enter port 4443. SSH doesn’t respond and no response is received from the pings. When I do a forced restart by removing and putting on the AC cable, everything returns to normal but I would like an effective solution if I am away from home for a long time. The raspberry has heatsinks and it is connected to a monitor, when everything goes well I can see how Raspbian Lite asks me for a username and password but when it does not respond the screen is black.

Unable to access the monitor or SSH I can not get any log or information. If it helps you I will force the restart and put all the logs that ask me



It seems. But it happens to me less frequently

This sounds like some sort of energy saving option from the PI. Have you had a look at the operating system manual, if there is such an option and if you can turn that off?

I’ve had same problem. My power supply was broken. After some time delivered less power to the rpi. The power supply should be able to deliver 2.5A at 5V. If you have USB equipment connected think of an USB hub with an external power supply.

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It’s been 3 months without the Raspberry suffering the failure. I removed the cover to the case (the raspberry official one) in case it was a problem of overheating and it seems that it was that. If something similar happens again, I know where to go.
Thanks you all