Raspberry PI: after last raspbian update nextcloud can not be started

Hello @all,

I am sing nextcloud since last year. On the same raspbian.
Last working Version was 11.0.3

After last update ( raspbian I suppose ? ) I can not login to nextcloud 11.0.3
Looking in the var/log/apache2/acces.log i can see:

GET /nextcloud/index.php … 302 1137

I have put into nextcloud dir a simple test.php and tried to call it by browser.
The same case: error 302
So, I have copied test.php into www/html and called it by browser.
It does work!
Something is going wrong with www/nextcloud during last updates.
Could anybody help me to reconfigure my nextcloud, please?

Thanks in advance

what did you do?
an apt-get update for everything?

one reason could be that you updated php/nginx/apache as part of this and the config/ini files were overwritten
(it should have asked you if you want to reset to default or keep the modified version)

Hello Rello,
Yes, I did update and upgrade.
I think since this time NC does not work any more.

I have not any system backup. Is it possible to reconfigure Apache, please?


Which PHP version are you using?


php -v

PHP 5.6.30-0+deb8u1 (cli) (build: apr 14 2017 )

Hi @ivo,

Not sure if this could fix your problem, try to use PHP in version 7. this version much faster…

How do I change the version of php?


You need to uninstall PHP5 and install php7 from other repositories.

Just google: php7 raspian