Raspberri Pi - alternative HWare - any suggestions?

I have a running ncp instance on a Raspberry Pi 3
I feel as it it might be time to upgrade the HW for something a little more powerful like 8gb (as I might want to start using Nextcloud Talk with the team)
As it is impossible to get the RPi4 with 8GB - any recommendation for alternative HW but I am looking for the HW to be as easy to install ncp on it as it is on RPi.

I am open for any suggestions.
Thank you

I don’t now exactly what you mean with HW, but I heard the
ZimaBoard can be a good alternative.

All infos:

  • more Power
  • x86 versus ARM
    Here is a comparison:


Thank you, this actually looks like a great solution.
They are out of stock for the 832 model