Ram for nextcloud 4 vs 8 (Please don't ignore🥺🥺)

I am planning on a new nextcloud server at home (Upgrade). I am confused between rasipi 4’s 4 and 8 gig model. My nextcloud will have max 4 users accessing storage (mostly not at the same time). Occasionally I will be running talk meetings (To test my server and use it often if it is stable). For all these use case which version of Raspi would be good (4 or 8 GB RAM). I don’t have any RAID setup. Also my the drives I will be using for the storage will be USB 3 and I already have data on it (1.5 TB) so bulk upload on the server is not a thing for me.

My current config has a Intel Atom CPU Z530 @ 1.60GHz (2 core) with 1 gig of ram which is fine for sync but navigating web client is too slow (I think PHP likes a lot of RAM).

What is your question?

I want to know is wheather the raspi version 4gb is enough or 8gb is needed for nextcloud. My use case is in the first post.

Dilip Parasu

Oh ok, thank you!

4 GB is definitly enough for a nextcloud instance with 4 users.

The Nextcloud documentation about memory requirements:

Memory requirements for running a Nextcloud server are greatly variable, depending on the numbers of users, apps, files and volume of server activity.

Nextcloud needs a minimum of 128MB RAM, and we recommend a minimum of 512MB .

But if you plan to install other Services you might want to buy the 8 GB version to be more future proof.

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My instance with only a couple users runs at about 2 GB, and that’s with Collabora, MySQL, redis, and coturn running in Docker, and an Apache reverse proxy running as well.

That being said, for the added cost of two sandwiches, I would say double the RAM.

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It also depends on webserver and PHP implementation (Apache + mod-php or php-fpm). I personally run a two user instance with MariaDB + Redis + Apache2 with mod-php7.4 and all memory caching fully enabled (APCu, OPcache, 256 MiB InnoDB cache to fully hold NC databases) and it never requires more than 500 MiB RAM, so 1 GiB model with no swap is fully sufficient here.
So given your use case I’d say that 8 GiB is an overkill. But when buying an RPi4 I’d likely as well take 8 GiB, simply because the additional cost is not that high and there are ways to use free memory with tmpfs drives to reduce SD card writes (apt cache, lists, archives, logs, PHP session cache, PHP upload dir etc etc) if system is not in USB drive, and raise performance of some tasks.