Rainloop - no suggestion for contact's mail address

Hi everyone,

I try to explain my problem in english and I hope, you can understand what I am trying to say. :slight_smile:

I’m running a Nextcloud Server version 15.07 in a virtual machine (kvm).

A few days ago, i installed the update to 15.07. Before I did that, rainloop was able to suggest mail addresses from all of my contacts in the address book app in nextcloud, when I was typing a part of its name or content.

After updating nextcloud, I did all the stuff, to get the green hook in the settings menu. All things (I think) went well, but at this point, rainloop wasn’t able to suggest mail addresses, when I type in some part of contact details in the “to:” - input field.

When I look into the contacts app, I see all the information I stored in the past (including the e-mail address). It’s possible to copy and paste the mail address from the contacts app as well, but rainloop don’t suggest them.

Do you have any advice, how I can resolve this problem?