Rainloop - No notifications when a new mail arrives

Hello everyone,

In the Rainloop (v 1.15.0) settings, I have activated the notifications (with sound) and yet, when a new mail arrives I don’t get any notification! Notifications are allowed in the browser and the ad blocker is disabled for nextcloud

Moreover, it is not possible to display the new mails in the dashboard as it is possible with the basic Mail application.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Did you wait long enough? Notifications won’t pop up until the next server poll. On top of that, depending on how its implemented, there could be a substantial delay in polling for new mail.

Also, IMAP or POP3? Big difference because IMAP supports IDLE, which is basically push. POP3 can only poll, and it would probably be a very bad idea to implement pop3 polling through something like nextcloud.

In fact, if you stay on the Rainloop interface you can see the new messages arriving, after a few minutes (1,2…). But if you leave the Rainloop interface to go to the Calendar for example, then, even after an hour, there is no notification for the user if a new mail arrives…

Hi @Fabrice61

I don’t think there’s much you can do about it. Rainloop is a standalone application that is only rudimentarily integrated with Nextcloud. AFAIK It does not use the Nextcloud notification system. Consequently, if you switch to another app within Nextcloud, it will no longer be active. You could try opening Rainloop in a separate browser tab. Then the notifications should continue to work while you are doing other things with Nextcloud.

Hi @bb77

I do indeed make the same conclusion as you and, thinking about it, maybe it’s not so bad for a user not to be disturbed every time a mail arrives…