Rainloop doesn't auto login

Using nextcloud with rainloop app 6.0.3.
Every time I open a browser, when I change from files to rainloop app I must give my email address and password, despite “Remember me” is checked…
In advanced settings for rainloop webmail, email address and password are saved.
What am I not doing right?

Hello! I’m not sure how much help I can be, but here are a couple of troubleshooting observations:

On the admin Settings page, under ‘Additional Settings’, there’s a Rainloop section. Is the 'Automatically login with ownCloud user credentials ’ option enabled there? If your email credentials aren’t the same as your Nextcloud credentials, this option can cause problems.

Another thing to check: are you able to sign in at all, by putting user and password in manually? Whenever my installation fails sign in automatically, it’s because my mail server is down or a certificate expired, so I can’t sign in manually either.

Hi !

'Automatically login with ownCloud user credentials ’ option disabled : not the same credentials as Nextcloud login.
Manually, it’s ok. But I must write email and password every day… even if “Remember me” is checked.