Rainloop - difference between configuring access to the UI and setting up email server not clear

EDIT: I think I just found the answer. Rainloop is not designed to allow individual users to configure their own email accounts using different email providers and servers. The admin is supposed to configure the IMAP/SMTP server centrally. This makes is unsuitable for our purposes. [rainloop] No user-settings after activate rainloop in NC 18

Hi everyone,

I just installed the Rainloop app (latest version of Nextcloud, latest version of Rainloop), and I am able to access the admin panel without any trouble, but I’m completely stumped when it comes to configuring the app so that users can first access the interface, so that they can then configure their individual email accounts with their unique IMAP/SMTP servers.

From what I understand, for a user (not the admin) to be able to even log in to the app (not the admin panel), the “domain” needs to be configured in the admin panel. However, when I try to configure the domain, I am then prompted to enter the IMAP and SMTP information. This seems to be completely counter-intuitive because the domain that I have my Nextcloud installed on (and therefore the Rainloop app as well) is NOT the same as any of the IMAP or SMTP servers that need to be configured for individual users, and the user names and passwords are most certainly not the same.

As the admin, how do I configure Rainloop in the admin panel so that individual users can then log in to the app (either automatically using the same credentials as the Nextcloud instance or using additional credentials) WITHOUT having to somehow link the basic configuration of the entire app to a particular IMAP/SMTP server?

Thanks in advance!