Rainloop CardDAV Synch unknown error

I want to use and provide to synch contacts (stored in nextcloud contacts app) via CardDAV with the contacts in the Rainloop Webmail App. But everthing i’ve tried fails with an unknown error.

I am able to synch contacts via CardDAV in Thunderbird on a PC or via DAV-Clients on mobile devices. But i’m not able to synch Rainloop Contacts via DAV with nextcloud contacts.

Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

I’ve tried the URL from iOS or Android device - no success.
I’ve tried the URL from the settings dialog in nextcloud webUI - no success.


Can you specify the error and perhaps look into the server log as well what URL is opened?

Rainloop app on Nextcloud already integrate your contacts on it.

Do you mean an outside Rainloop setup?

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Hi and sorry for my very late reply.

I think, I have to explain a little bit more in detail:

My users are logging in nextcloud with their own LDAP credentials (username and password) and later into rainloop webmailer. So all LDAP-users are suggested, when i type their name into the field for the recipients when i create a new mail.

In the Contacts-App I have a lot of entries too, they will not be suggested, when I type in their name. But I want to be able, to choose these contacts too in rainloop.

Is there a way, to realize this?
I will check my webserver for an error message, that I will post here later.

Do I need to edit the database-settings in the admin-menu of nextcloud rainloop settings too?

I hope, you can help me to solve this problem.

I find this hilarious.
There is no mention whatsoever that contacts get auto synced.
The “contacts” app in Rainloop stays empty.
If you setup the carddav sync it just does not work.
However ALL contacts are pre-synced to rainloop and if you start typing in the TO field all nextcloud contacts, both users and contacts in the users contact app, will be shown.
So yeah…
I’m not sure what i should think about this.

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