RAID not showing up

I installed the snap package and added the removable-media snap connect.
i just mounted my raid to /mnt/raid1 and used that path in the var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config/autoconfig.php file and then installed nextcloud via the webinterface.
the /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config/config.php
file shows ‘datadirectory’ => ‘/mnt/raid1/nextcloud/data’ which is what i want.
but in nextcloud i dont see it: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
in the users tab the correct path shows up: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
and in files the space just isnt there: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
its a 4tb raid 1.
any idea why it doesnt work?

after a reboot it says the correct amount of file quoty in a users view (bottom left, 500gb)
but when trying to access users or settings theres an internal server error.

aight it just works now