Radio stations not found in radio app, but exist in db

I just set up nextcloud and I am loving it - the radio app is great
I just cannot find Icelandic radio stations that seems to exist in the db
for example:
RUV Ras1 (htt p://
RUV Ras2 (htt p://
RUV Ras3 “Rondo” (htt p://
RUV Ras4 “Krakkar” (htt p://
80’s Bylgjan (htt p://
Bylgjan 98.9 Reykjavik (htt p://
Gull Bylgjan 90.9 Reykjavik (htt p://
Létt Bylgjan (htt p://
Kannin FM 100.5 “K100” Reykjavik (htt p://
Visir “FM 957 Extra” Reykjavik (htt p://
Visir “FM957” 95.7 Reykjavik (htt p://
How would I go about adding them into the radio app list ?

my bad, this is working great.:slight_smile: no complaints whatsoever

How was solved?
Same issue. it in radio browser db, but in app cant find for a day…

P.s. removed it and instaled again. no changes.
also changed to var api_baseurl = “
not working…